Multiple Sclerosis – The emotional links to disease

Multiple Sclerosis

The Emotional links to disease

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic autoimmune disorder affecting movement, insulation, and bodily functions. It is caused by a destruction of the myelin insulation covering nerve fibres (neurons) in the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).

MS statistics

Diagnosis is typically from 20 – 40 years old, so in the prime time of life.

1 in 20 Australians will be touched by it through a family member, colleague or friend living with it. It costs Australia $2 billion dollars each year and every year.
Three times as many women than men have it. 2.5 million people worldwide are living with it.
23, 000 Australians have it, and so do I.

Kinesiology has taught me that the body is connected like a tapestry.
Structurally, biochemically, emotionally and electromagnetically.
The emotional link to a physical symptom or stress in the body is key to address.
The connection can be a pivotal point of understanding the cause of what is going on both consciously and deep on a subconscious level.

To grasp this concept we need to understand the brain.

The conscious part of the brain is:
– in your awareness
– represents the tip of the iceberg
– runs 10% of your processes and reactions

The subconscious part of the brain runs 90% of all your processes and reactions
– it is the bottom of the iceberg
– out of your awareness
– runs 90% of your processes and reactions
– i.e. heart beat, blinking, involuntary movements
– Beliefs live here

The subconscious part of the brain is what we can access as Kinesiologists via the muscles as they are connected to the brain via the nervous system.

Emotional links to think about for MS

The brain is the control centre.
Physically MS is the progressive destruction of the myelin sheath of the neutrons in the CNS. These sheaths protect, maintain and increase the speed at which a nerve can send its message.

Emotional link:

See if any of these phrases resonate with you.
Not all of them, but some of them may hit home for you :

When a person becomes concerned about either their own or someone else’s ability to bring their goal into reality.
They may be concerned that they cannot find their method to their goal to bring them into reality.
When one’s self worth and survival is measured by this method – it can become destructive in the body.

Remember that physical symptoms are messages that you have not been listening internally to how you feel, perhaps avoiding a negative emotion or thoughts that have become stuck rather than processed, in the body.

Emotions of feeling attacked, feeling out of control, not being able to slow down can also be also related.

A lack of love internally, not feeling heard or recognised.

If we know that the body is connected, then it makes sense to address how you think and feel.

Because how you think and feel is a mirror image of what you see in your reality around you and what occurs biochemically inside of your body.

Start the day with these affirmations to help rewire the brain.
Kinesiology is a wonderful tool to assist you to find what your limiting beliefs may be in relation to a physical stress or illness you are going through.

For me discovering this sacred tool was life changing.
I am now passionate about sharing it with the world.


I am heard
I am loved
I am enough
It is safe to let go of control
It is safe to slow down

Emotional links to disease inspired by research
by: Gregory O. Neville and Inna Segal

Be the light x

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