Part 1. The Road to Optimal Health


Since becoming an accredited Sports Kinesiologist, Amanda founded her private practice, Bend Like Bamboo in 2013 and has since dedicated her life helping others enhance or rebuild their lives.

Amanda believes that nourishing the body on a cellular level can allow you to thrive emotionally and connect with your optimal potential, leading to a fulfilling life filled with maximised possibility. Not only has Amanda changed the course of a serious illness that in 2009 left her paralysed, she has treated and inspired hundreds of clients who travel from all corners of the globe, to benefit from her knowledge and experience.

Having regained her health, Amanda’s passion is sharing the lessons she has learned along the way, using the Bend Like Bamboo framework.



I’m Amanda Campbell and in The Road to Optimal Health, I will share with you my personal journey.

The course of my life has given me an understanding of the importance of having a balanced approach not only when treating a serious health issue but also when developing the mindset and resulting resilience that can be reflected in all areas of life.

At the age of 24, I was diagnosed with MS.  A debilitating incurable disease that renders its sufferers prone to paralysis, nerve damage and in some cases blindness.

In 2009 I suffered a major MS attack that left me paralysed down the entire left side of my body.  Unable to move, eat, walk or control my  own body, I spent two months living in rehabilitation care and was given only a 50% chance of ever walking again

Fighting down the fear and panic, I channelled my energy into a positive force. With a mountain of determination, the aid of eastern and western medicines and no choice but to succeed, I astounded everyone by not only walking unaided but, in a few short months, running.

Come with me on my journey to optimal health and learn ways to improve your own health.