Lose weight doing less !

Welcome to Episode 2 of Conscious Conversations


Featuring special Guest Movement Guru and Functional Trainer Ihsan Tuncel

In a world where we are constantly striving to push forward and achieve more, we are under so much pressure, leading to inflammation and worry. The mind and the body mirror each other.

Learn how doing less, going ‘yin’ doing inner work, can lead to a better state of mind, health and weight loss. Feeling ok with where you are at in life right now is key, how do we percolate and allow where we are at in our life right now?

Come and find out more from Movement Guru and Functional Trainer Ihsan Tuncel and Sports Kinesiologist Amanda Campbell Founder fo Bend Like Bamboo.


  • 5 top yin exercises to just get started at home

  • Why you should stretch and exercise to correct your posture

  • How traditional gym exercises can make your core and posture worse

  • How movement and your state of mind is linked to your muscles and biochemistry

  • How to eat better, feel better and live a life more connected

Ihsan Bio                                                                                                                                                                       

I remember Very clearly, I was in my mid-twenties and I thought to myself, why don’t I feel vital and energetic? Why am I regularly tired for no reason? Why do I regularly get sick and why do I have so many chronic health issues? Why do I feel mentally foggy, confused and lost? Why is my father so unwell? Why are so many people around me unhealthy? Were we as human beings designed to feel this “average”? I had so many questions, but no real answers.

The pivotal moment arrived when my father passed away in 2001. I felt a subtle but profound shift within myself as I didn’t think my father’s death was the way nature intended. In 2005, I changed my career and entered the fitness industry, but this wasn’t enough for me as I realised that being fit was only one component of authentic health. I wanted to uncover every piece of the health “jigsaw puzzle”. I began to read, research, and study and I came across The CHEK Institute and several other influential mentors. This is when I began to experience a level of health that I had never encountered before. All of my symptoms began to heal and my energy levels increased dramatically. I realised how unique we all are and that to truly experience authentic health we need a health program that is just as unique as we are. One size does not fit all – we are all different, with a unique DNA profile. I am now a lifelong student of health and nutrition as there is still so much to learn. My major goal in life is to share my knowledge with as many people as I can.

Amanda Bio

In 2009 Amanda Campbell suffered a major MS attack that left her paralysed and was given a 50% chance of ever walking again. Unprepared to accept this as her fate, Amanda learned to focus on what she wanted instead of what she was scared of. With a lot of determination, and the help of her doctors and a Kinesiologist, within six weeks, she stunned us all by not only walking, but running.

This prompted her to swap a fast paced career in the fashion industry to go back to study to enable her to understand how she achieved her recovery.

Having become an accredited Sports Kinesiologist, Amanda founded Bend Like Bamboo http://www.bendlikebamboo.com her private practice in 2013, where she has dedicated her life helping others rebuild their lives from illness and stress. Bend Like Bamboo specialises in autoimmune disease and the emotional links to disease and physical stress.

Amanda co-founded Nourissh www.nourissh.com with her partner and VinoMofo in 2014, delivering ready-made meals to people across Melbourne, after she discovered the role ethically sourced and nutrient dense food played in her recovery.

Taking a balanced approach, Amanda believes that nourishing her body on a cellular level, understanding her mind, and connecting with herself again, gave her the best chance of recovery and living a happy fulfilling life.

In her latest project www.amandacampbell.com.au she shares her work of mind-body connection with a balanced eastern / western approach. In speeches and an upcoming book Amanda covers the the three pillars she lives by of eating better, feeling better leading to connection and believing in yourself. By doing so she has not only changed the course of her disease, but has also achieved a reset of the mind and body.

Amanda speaks at events to educate and inspire others that they too can make a transformation in their lives. At her core Amanda believes that renewal can be possible if you give your body the right environment it needs.


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