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Bend like Bamboo at work is a health and wellbeing program that empowers busy women and men to improve their physical health and mindset, building inner resilience as a result.


Bend Like Bamboo Health and Wellbeing Program

Research shows that healthy employees are more productive, which leads to increased profitability and happiness at work.

In a 30 minute presentation or a 2-hour masterclass, this workshop will educate and inspire your team, outlining strategies to enable everyone to thrive in your workplace, achieving optimal health in the mind and body.

Option 1 –

Presentation (30-45 minutes)

Option 2 –

Full Workshop masterclass 2 hours


In a presentation Amanda will outline:

·            Amanda’s story

·            Education on how to give your body the right environment to repair and thrive

·            Nutrition, mindset and mind-body connection is linked to personal and business success



6 segments that can be done all together or individually depending on the needs of the company.

·            Includes a 30 min presentation on Amanda’s story, nutrition, and mind-body connection

·            Mindfulness and meditation coaching

·            Recipe’s to nourish the body on a cellular level

·            Stretches and exercises

·            Journaling

·            Includes 6 workbooks


In a presentation you will learn:

  • How to nourish your body on a cellular level – what do I eat?
  • How to feel better mentally and emotionally, leading to better decisions, happiness, and productivity
  • Meditation and the importance of mindfulness in your personal life and at work
  • How movement is connected to your emotional health learn daily stretches and exercises you can do at work to maintain optimal posture
  • Leading to a flow state and a much deeper connection in your mind body and life. It is from this space that you can see obstacles as opportunities and a higher understanding of what your business needs daily

“To Bend like Bamboo is to bend with the change that is inevitable in life, reducing suffering increasing adaptability and resilience.” Amanda Campbell

“Amanda has a beautiful heart and intuitive soul. I had a positive experience in my session and I really appreciate her holistic approach to total wellness.”
Terri Vinson, Synergie Skin

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